Dr. Kari Williams
Founder & Lead Instructor





Mahogany Hair Revolution Trichology Clinic is excited to introduce its Trichology Certification Program under the direction of Board Certified Trichologist Dr. Kari Williams.


The major factors that professionals consider when deciding what type of program they want to invest in are the Money Factor, the Time Factor and the Effectiveness Factor.

1. The Money Factor. By the time I (Dr. Kari) completed my Trichology program I spent about $8000. My online Trichology Certification is only $1600 with payment plan options available. My goal is to make this education more accessible by making it affordable. And hopefully reduce stress and anxiety about cost in the process.

2. The Time Factor. It took me 3 ½ years to complete my Trichology program. Not everyone wants to do a 2-3 year program. That is why I structured an educational program that takes 8 weeks. That’s it! 8 weeks and you are done. There are clinical opportunities and other resources available to help increase your confidence and comfort when working with clients in a clinical or salon environment, but it is completely optional.

3. The Effectiveness Factor. After running my clinic for 7 years and talking to other professionals interested in Trichology, I decided to condense the information that I learned in 3 years and give you the most important parts that will help you effectively and successfully help your clients in need.

This program is for Qualified Professionals (including Licensed Stylists, individuals with State approved certification in hair styling, or certification through another Trichology Program) who are seeking to enhance their current level of skill. After registration you will need to provide proof of credentials.

This is an eight (8) week educational program. Emphasis is on providing hair care professionals with the knowledge to give effective service and treat a growing market of consumers who have hair and scalp disorders. This is an intense program that offers a beginning foundation in Trichology study. It briefly covers key body systems in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, hair loss and the diagnosis of hair shaft and scalp disorders. With your Certificate of Trichology you will be able to:

  • Conduct In-depth Scientific Consultations with your clients
  • Provide effective in-salon treatments for scalp discomfort and some forms of hair loss
  • Submit hair samples for hair mineral analysis. Which you will be able to explain to your clients
  • Most importantly, you will be able to effectively help more people.

Upon completion of the program you will receive a Certificate of Trichology. You will be eligible to apply for certification as a Holistic Practitioner of Trichology (HPT).   We are not affiliated with the IAT (International Association of Trichologists). Our Trichology Certification program has professional accreditation through The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. This board is recognized by both traditional and non-traditional holistic schools and colleges world wide as an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and programs.

Graduates are eligible to obtain certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (http://www.aadp.net). The AADP is dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies and offers many professional benefits to assist members in establishing their practice.


Professional accreditation is a process that gives public recognition to educational institutions that meet standards of quality. It promises students that the institution they elected to study with is a reputable one that will provide a quality education.

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